image of 4 adolescent soccer players in yellow and blue jerseys playing on the field. 2 opposing players are falling, at a risk for injury, such as an ACL tear

Preventing ACL Tears: What Does the Evidence Say?

If you talk long enough with most athletes, especially basketball and soccer players, the topic of ACL tears comes up. It’s a far too common injury and many wonder if it can be prevented. Good news: There are ways to lower the risk of ACL injuries. Preventing ACL Tears There are several muscles and ligaments…

car-filled street

How to Lower Risks of Air Pollution in Kids

Air pollution doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. Sure, it affects the lungs. Inhaling smoke and exhaust isn’t subtle. However, the effects are even more profound in kids. Air pollution affects brain development, lung development, cardiovascular health, and pregnancy outcomes. (Mothers exposed to air pollution are more likely to give birth prematurely, which comes…

text "Whats up with Heavy Metals in baby food? overlaying image of jarred food and root vegetable

Thoughts on Heavy Metals in Baby Foods

Maybe you’ve seen the headlines by now. There are toxic heavy metals in prepared baby foods. Even in organic prepared baby foods. The headlines are doing their job. We gasp. We click and we read. Hopefully, though, we’re not also feeling more afraid.  This is why I wanted to write today. These headlines are not…

Example of playground in accordance with playground safety recommendations. playground structure showing two sides descending onto sand

How to Balance Child Development with Playground Safety

How I love a good playground! I love seeing kids move outside. Climbing, swinging, jumping, and sliding. Their hearts, lungs, and muscles love the movement, the exhilaration. But what about playground safety? Kids do get hurt on playgrounds. Today, I’ll discuss how theories in child development can help a playground live up to its potential and…