Chaffles: A Satisfying Breakfast Option For Kids

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Looking for a quick breakfast with no added sugar? The chaffle refers to a waffle-shaped breakfast and includes two main ingredients: eggs and cheese. (Cheese plus waffle equals “chaffle”). There are endless adaptations for this easy recipe, but the spirit is the same: no flour or added sugar. For all children, we should limit added sugar. And, chaffles offer such a breakfast. Today, I’ll share the base recipe and supplies I use. I’ll go over some of my favorite adaptations. One of my favorite things? Chaffles freeze well, so can easily be made in advance.

To be clear, it does not taste just like a waffle. The texture is fluffy and satisfying, but let’s not pretend it’s the same thing as a flour-based traditional waffle.

chaffle breakfast. Image of round waffle-appearing food on top of tomato slices and cheese.
Chaffle with tomato and sliced cheese

The Basic Chaffle Recipe


  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup of shredded cheese (I’ve used monterey jack, cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese)


In a small bowl, whisk together the two ingredients. Add any extra ingredients (see below) and mix in. Add a few tablespoons of water or other liquid if needed. The consistency should be pretty runny. Spray the waffle maker with oil or cooking spray. Ladle the “chaffle batter” into the waffle maker and cook for about 3-4 minutes. Remove and serve. Makes about 3-4 servings. See below for some serving ideas. There are many different ways to enjoy chaffles, but they start with those two basic ingredients of eggs and cheese.

Boost chaffles with optional additional ingredients.

  • Pureed spinach. I add this to many meals. Here’s my process: Using frozen chopped spinach, I microwave it with a little water. Then, I puree it in a blender. I often keep this puree in an airtight container in the fridge and then add it to various dishes. Chaffle is one of those dishes. It also works well with pancakes, oatmeal, and smoothies. Theoretically it would make a nice addition to sauces too. I strive for 5 servings of fruits or veggies in my kids’ daily diet. This is an easier way to get one of those servings in. And yes, it turns the chaffles a lovely green color. See below!
  • Almond flour. Adding a tablespoon or so gives a slightly different texture. No need to worry about an exact measurement. It offers some added nutrients.
  • Ground flaxseed. This is something else I’ll add to oatmeal or smoothies as well. It contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce inflammation (very broadly speaking). Research shows it can also lower risk for Type 1 Diabetes and that it’s good for eye & brain health as well.
  • Milk. A splash of cow’s milk or almond milk is fine for a little more calcium or Vitamin D (depending on the milk used).

Chaffle Serving Ideas

image of 2 green chaffles (appearing like round waffles) topped with berries. The chaffles appear green due to addition of pureed spinach.
The pureed spinach adds a green tinge. Topped with previously frozen berries.

There are so many schools of thought when it comes to serving chaffles. Do we pretend it’s a waffle and serve with maple syrup? Or, do we acknowledge that it’s eggs and cheese and serve it in a more savory manner? In my home, we do all of the above and then some. We like both savory chaffles and sweet chaffles. They can be enjoyed any time of day. I’ll share some ways we’ve tried it, just to help others springboard into what tastes right for them.

Again, my goal here is to offer a different meal option that includes no added sugar. That being said, some of these toppings may include added sugar. Many people like them perfectly plain as well.

  • Nut butter +/- jelly. This is a local favorite and makes for a very filling breakfast (or lunch).
  • Two chaffles used in place of sandwich bread (or “chaffle hamburger buns”) with tomatoes, mustard, +/- meat, and lettuce inside.
  • Smashed avocado spread on top. (My personal favorite)
  • Honey or maple syrup with whipped cream and berries. We often have a bag of frozen berries in our freezer and will thaw small servings as needed.
  • Berries alone.
  • Butter or cream cheese spread on top.

As you can see, the options are limitless.

As mentioned earlier, chaffles freeze well and can be reheated in a toaster or toaster oven without any thawing necessary (in my experience). We often have a sandwich bag full of frozen chaffles in the freezer. Some mornings, we need a quick breakfast!

A few notes on chaffles supplies

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I use the Dash Mini waffle maker (picture below). It’s the perfect size for individual servings as well as when the chaffles are used as a bread substitute for sandwiches or as a chaffle hamburger bun. I know others use a larger waffle maker with no issues. (A great bonus is that this dish is an easy clean up).

Dash Mini Waffle Maker (affiliate link)

Happy Breakfasting!

If you try this (or have already), I’d love to hear what you think! Let me know what you’ve done to make the perfect chaffle for your family. I’m always looking for meal options with a lot of versatility, so chaffles have been great for us.

Chaffles may be ideal for people following a ketogenic diet or as part of a very low carb diet, which I’m not recommending here for children. Hopefully you can see that this easy chaffle recipe can be incorporated into a variety of meals for almost all ages.

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Maya Mahmood, D.O., FAAP is a board-certified pediatrician and mom. She is passionate about parents having evidence-based information to help their families be healthier.

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