Hi. I’m Maya Muñoz Mahmood, D.O., FAAP, a board-certified pediatrician and mom. I’m passionate about parents having evidence-based information to help their families be healthier.

On this site, I share up to date information about children’s health. I strive to write articles that can result in action, information that parents can use. My main areas of interest are:

  • nutrition
  • child development and safety
  • how the outdoors affects children’s health
  • parent questions about common pediatric conditions

My hope is that the information here helps families feel more empowered when caring for their children.

So, settle in. Feel free to ask questions and offer your thoughts! I love to hear what others have to share. At the moment, I’m home with my family, though I do maintain an active medical license and pediatrics board certification.

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Let’s work together to help our children be . . . healthier kids.